“..Learn to do right! Seek Justice, encourage the oppressed, Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow…”Isaiah 1:17

Danai Children's Home

Danai Childrens Village is a Home that was founded in 2002 by the Late Francisca Saungweme, aka Granny. Granny passed away in 2015. The home was donated by Granny’s daughter – Patience Chipaumire-Oyeniran after realising the cause that Granny was dealing with.
Roof for the Young ones
Keeping those vulnerable little children in a safe environment
Skills & Development
Providing life skills ensuring they have a good start in the real world
Food & Clothing
Providing daily meals and clothing making them feel equal
Aid & Support
Aid and Support to help build a strong and honest foundation

You can Make a Difference

Your donations can make a huge difference in the development of those less fortunate children who are left with no family or loved ones. We at Danai Francisca Children's Village aim to develop those children with life skills allowing them to move forward with a brighter future

Please donate generously

Help a Cause

The well being of the individuals working at the Children's home is paramount to the success of the children.

Every child deserves a good start, our aim is to provide these children with a foundation to help develop in to adult life.

Please donate towards building a farm, which will be used to chicken

Key Workers
Managing the Orphanage
Children to date

Meet our Team

Contributing towards making a difference....

11 Broughton Drive, Sunridge, 

+44 7946 295676


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Registered on the 18th February 2011 under Section 31 of the Children's Act 2001.  Registration Number: SW10/101
Registered as a Private Voluntary Organisation - On the 19th February 2018 in terms of Subsection 5 of Section 9 of the Private Voluntary Act Zimbabwe.  PVO65/2017

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