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Danai Childrens Village is a Home that was founded in 2002 by the Late Francisca Saungweme, aka Granny. Granny passed away in 2015. The home was donated by Granny’s daughter – Patience Chipaumire-Oyeniran after realising the cause that Granny was dealing with.

Our Vision

The Visionary’s vision was to ensure that children at Danai grow up in an environment where they can discover what their purpose in life is and learn how to walk in self-control and wisdom (growing stronger in spirit) so that they can fulfil their purpose in life. “And the child grew strong in body and wise in spirit. And the Grace of God was on Him.” (Luke 2:40). So therefore the focus became “all about children and every child matters”!

The Key Objective of the home:

  • To safeguard and promote the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children.
  • To allow children to grow in a non-discriminatory environment that embraces a home from home environment with zero tolerance to stigmatisation and labelling of the children
  • To promote the development and survival of the children in an environment where they can grow strong and wise and they feel valued and heard.
  • To fully equip caregivers in providing care for the children by offering training, mentoring, support and guidance at all times.
  • To give the children educational and interpersonal skills by working in conjunction with the local education authorities, schools and the community at large by ensuring inclusion and involvement in community activities.
  • To prepare the children for entry into adult hood by ensuring a robust transition programme into adulthood is in place supported by services which work closely with young adults such as the New Generation Trust.
  • By offering each child life skills that will enable him or her to survive in the wider world.

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Registered on the 18th February 2011 under Section 31 of the Children's Act 2001.  Registration Number: SW10/101
Registered as a Private Voluntary Organisation - On the 19th February 2018 in terms of Subsection 5 of Section 9 of the Private Voluntary Act Zimbabwe.  PVO65/2017

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